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Everyone in the world needs answers to life's great questions. Thus we made Real Life Answers: a blog about our own experiences and life answers. Here you’ll find many different snapshots taken from the lives of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly referred to as "Mormons." We hope that as you explore our stories, you will find answers that will build your faith in God and Jesus Christ. This blog is not the Church’s official blog or website. The official Church site is, which we fully endorse.

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Knowing that we have made a correct decision in your life can mean all the difference.

How Can God Help Me Make Good Decisions?

By Russell D My first wife passed away while I was still in my 50's. We were fortunate enough to have time before she passed to discuss our lives a...

I found that if I only focused on the ground and what I needed to do next I was able to keep moving.

Can Suffering Lead to Growth

By Andrew R. I remember the summer before I became a senior in high school. I had a very good friend who quite enjoyed hiking. He convinced me to c...

I was going because my parents wanted me there. I was doing what I had been taught.

Does God Speak to Me?

By David F. Growing up in New Jersey, there were not many Mormons. In high school, I was the only one. I did not want anyone to know that I was Mor...

Some may call this life a test. That test provides the challenge to overcome natural, selfish desires and help others.

How Can I Have Greater Family Harmony?

By Christy C. Understanding the concept of sacrifice is critical to family harmony. After having children, I learned that lesson. I no longer had s...

It is a pattern and a promise that as we remain faithful in spite of extreme hardships, we will emerge better off in the long run.

Is There Life After Divorce?

By Roger S. Divorce is typically devastating to spouses and any children involved. But, it is not a death sentence. Brighter days lie ahead. After ...

I was bitter, and unforgiving. I told the story of my injustice over and over.

How Can I Forgive Others?

By Richard M. My “conversion” to a life of forgiveness and tolerance began 20 years ago when I lost one of the best jobs I ever had. I was mana...