New in Real Life Answers …

New in Real Life Answers …

For some weeks now we’ve been publishing a series of articles on marriage preparation.  Since a successful marriage brings present and continuing happiness and joy for all concerned – the husband and wife, the children, and grandchildren, as well as parents of the couple, it is indeed a gift that gives for a lifetime.  On the other hand, marriage is serious business, and those who embark on its waters need to be prepared, since there are sure to be rough times with storms.  The high failure rate gives us reason to soberly consider and prepare for marriage.

Here are our currently published articles, which we believe will be very helpful to those contemplating marriage.  Look for a new article each week.

Creating My Vision of Marriage

Achieving My Vision of Marriage

Motivation for Marriage

How Do I  Get Motivated for Marriage?

Feeling Good about Yourself is Essential for Successful Dating and a Happy Marriage

The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage

Whale Ears

The Common Journey