Do You Ever Hear a Voice of Warning?

By R. Davis

Several years ago, a friend of mine was riding his bike in Taiwan when he had a life changing experience. He was on a road used by thousands each day, and as he went through a blind curve, he noticed what appeared to be water on the road. He continued on and subsequently went through this ‘water’ when he realized it was not water, but oil. He slipped and fell but was not hurt. He was in a hurry, but thought about the thousands of others who would come upon this oil slick. He thought about another biker falling, followed by a car, and the results could be devastating. He decided to go back around the curve and warn people. In broken Mandarin, my friend yelled and tried to warn everybody. One by one the bikers ignored him, and as they went around the curve they subsequently slipped and fell. Many picked themselves up and continued on. However, a few went back to help my friend. As more people stood together the bikers and cars started to slow down, some even stopping. Who knows how many lives they might have saved that day?!

When you read this parable, I hope you let your mind wander enough for it to teach you how to apply it in your own life. Some of you might have taken a service or leadership approach, others might have seen it a different way. Today, I would like to point out one specific principle that you might not have noticed, but could be life changing.

My lesson today is on the voice of warning. It is very rare for somebody to be fired, fall into temptation, or anything of that nature without first hearing a voice of warning. My friend saw the oil, but misinterpreted it. Once he realized what it was, he became a voice of warning for others who mostly didn’t pay attention to him. It wasn’t until the voice of warning had grown so others could not miss it that people started to listen. I believe that we all need a voice of warning to help us reevaluate our circumstances. I recommend sitting down with a friend once a month to see if your life, work, spirituality, etc. is going well and that you aren’t missing any voices of warning.

I emailed this post to a friend of another faith before I posted it on this blog and his response was very interesting. He told me he wished he would have received this about an hour earlier because he had made some poor decisions in that past hour. However, as he read this post he sat back and thought deeply about his life and was grateful I shared it with him.

Please share this with as many as you can and ask them to reflect on their own lives and the voices of warning which they receive. Share your thoughts with us … what did you learn from this parable? How will you apply it in your life? What voices of warning have you recently had?

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One thought on “Do You Ever Hear a Voice of Warning?

  1. angee says:

    LOVE this parable! I think of the Prophet and how many times we have been warned of things, especially coming off a weekend where we sat and listened to his words. What have we been warned of? Many things, but the one that comes to mind for me (living in an area where earthquakes are inevitable) is preparedness. My family needs to re-evaluate our plan and get our 72-hour kits updated now that we’ve added a new baby. I think we’re kind of naive, thinking it’ll never happen to us, never here. But we have been warned. Am I going to heed the warning? Or am I just going to “slow down” and hope it doesn’t happen? Or am I going to completely ignore it and keep plugging away at my life? Thank you for this parable! Great article!

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