What does Dying Feel Like?

By Peter S.

Two years ago, I died all alone at age 23 in the Middle East. I had rickettsia or encephalomeningitis that turned hemorrhagic; I suffered in this instance more than normal because rickettsia is a serious rare class of illness sometimes used as a biological weapon. I suffered terribly.

Due to my situation, I had lost my memory and the ability to communicate because the sickness infected my brain. I came to a p  oint where I was blind and could not feel my body. I soon realized what was happening and through all of the confusion, I came to realize in a flash of insight that there was a God and what he had done for me. I cried out, “God, God, God,” and my mind was calmed. I could sense someone holding my hand and whispering in my ear, “All will be well, just cry.” At that point, my mouth filled with blood and I cried fresh tears as my throat closed and my lungs quit.

People want to know if it hurts to die. My experience tells me, “No.” It is as natural as breathing. When you die, it is a very strange experience because you are made aware of everything around you. I was dead only long enough to just have a taste of what it was like. It was not bad but felt sweet; there was a feeling of completion and for the first time in my life, everything worked like it was designed to. It was clear to me that I had to return to life. I knew that He needed me here. I remember hearing a voice and it called to me, “Peter, Peter, Peter.” That is all it took to restore life. I asked Him if my family knew what had become of me, He answered, “Yes.” As I began to wake, I told Him, “I’ve made so many mistakes” as if I was unused to disappointing Him. He answered me with the feeling that He understood my situation clearly. . When I awoke, I got up and walked to the bathroom with no pain. Of course, there was great pain as I returned to active life but for the most part, I was healed and even from the memory of the pain and agony I had experienced.

How did I survive? The answer is that anything is possible in and through the great atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God hears our prayers! Clenched in the throes of death; I had called upon his sacred name. He comforted me, healed my wounds and gave me life. He lives and long ago testified, “Because I live, ye shall live also” [John 14:19]. It is that simple. In His eyes; no one is lost, He has the power to save us all; we all shall live and rise again as perfect resurrected beings.
It is my solemn witness that life does not end with death but continues beyond the grave. I bear my witness that the Lord is always near us ready to help. The love and grace of Jesus had covered all the pain that I could not bear; essentially, the very worst parts had been taken from me by Jesus Christ.  To access this love, all that is required of us is for us to acknowledge him through prayer and gratitude. God answers prayer. I am the least, yet in my agony, He came to me and answered my pitiful plea. No one else came; no one else could have saved me. God is aware of the intimate details of my life as He is of yours. He hears our prayers and answers them.

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