Is Christ’s church on the earth today?

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When Christ was on the earth, he organized a church with priesthood authority and priesthood offices. Jesus said: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you.” (John 15:16). After Christ’s resurrection and ascension into heaven, the Church continued to function, and church leaders acted with Christ’s authority to do things like determine Church policy, preach the Gospel, administer the ordinances and care for the poor. It was literally Christ’s church. After some time,...

Why do bad things happen?

  By Daniel P.  God loves us very much. He wants us to experience more than a life of just pleasure or ease. He wants us to experience true joy, the kind of joy that he experiences. He wants us to experience a Christ-like personality and a Christ-like heart. Now to accomplish this, God intentionally created this Earth and our life on earth so that we would have the developmental experiences we need to learn what God wants us to learn. There is no way that we are able to learn what he wants us...

How Can I Feel Lasting, Satisfying Faith?

Several years ago, my sister and her husband began to experience a crisis of faith. They had started studying the arguments of the skeptics and were becoming persuaded.  They began to question whether the foundational claims of Christianity were true and whether there was a God at all. They frequently came to me with difficult questions. At first, I was reluctant to engage because I did not want to focus all my spiritual energy on negative things. However, my sister and her husband felt that I c...