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Lately though, I’ve been looking for ways to invite him in.

Can Gratitude Bring Us Closer to God?

By Kendall O. I haven’t always actively sought God in my life. Sometimes things like school or homework or social events crowd out my intended prio...

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I want to open the windows of my soul and let in the fresh spring air of truth.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

By Stephanie

  “But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.” ...

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The Purpose of Life: Taking the Long View

By Geoff W. As the holiday season winds down at the end of the year, many look forward optimistically to the new year. The new year is approached w...


Why Mormons Can’t

By Jen P. Mormons: Can’t drink alcohol. Can’t have sex before marriage. Can’t lie, cheat, or steal. Can't drink coffee. Can’t w...


Asking Questions Strengthens Faith

By Zach Bunting It’s certainly not an issue that Mormons alone have to confront. Any person of faith encounters questions to which there appear n...

Time is the ultimate scarce resource. What we do with our life is mathematically simply how we fill up (or dispose of) our time.

What Would you Do with an Extra Hour?

By Brigham F. Especially when I was in grad school, married with two, then three, small children in our tiny on-campus apartment and pressures (rea...