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Jesus Christ

Everyone has a bit of Christ that I need.

Can Others Bring Me Closer to Christ?

By Seth D. I am far from perfect, as anyone who has ever lived with me can certainly attest to. I have patience for my bosses and colleagues, but I...

The endless wondering “why” and “what if”--all unanswerable questions. The only answerable question is “What now?“

How Do I Cope with a Suicide in My Family?

Name Withheld “John’s gone.” I slumped down into the closest chair, holding the phone to my ear. “John? Gone?” Vibrant, healthy, so fu...

There went my perfect parenting, and he couldn’t even crawl yet.

How Can I Protect My Children?

By Marci M

Ok. Here are my choices: lock the kids in the house until their 21st birthday, or find that mythical force field to put around them to keep them safe ...

positions on sin
There is always a Satan-inspired rationalization that somehow it doesn’t apply to us in the particular situation.

Reversing Their Positions on Sin

By Clayton Christensen. In my service to the Lord, I have had many opportunities to help my friends repent of their violations of our codes of chas...

The following year consisted of withdrawals and recovery, none of which I would wish any being to have to endure.

Can Love Really Save Me?

By Ekadasi N. "Oh God, why me?" How often do you either find yourself asking this question or hear others asking it? I do not usually find myself a...

He proceeded to tell me that all the material things in the world wouldn’t give me the happiness I was searching for.

What Is True Happiness?

By Kody B. At the beginning of my sophomore year of high school I was at the stage in my life where all I wanted to do was to be seen, be cool, and...