Step 6: Change of Heart – Aram’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery

man at grave

“I couldn’t remember truly asking God to remove my character defects.  I just thought to myself, if he were standing in front of me now, what would I want him to say.  I’d want him to just take it and say, ‘Thanks, I’ve got this.’ Instead, at that moment, I heard a question: ‘Will you let me take this?’ I realized that I had done all this work to be relieved of this misery, and that question completely changed the trajectory of my recovery and my life.”

So Aram experienced a change of heart.

“A good friend told me of an African proverb:  ‘If there’s no demon within, the demon outside can do us no harm.’ And that’s where I live.  I’ve conquered those interior demons.”

Aram’s Story

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