How Do You Overcome the Death of Your Child?

By Connie P.

Over 40 years ago my husband and I lost our first baby, a boy, who was stillborn. About two weeks prior to the pregnancy due date, my blood pressure skyrocketed. The doctor put me on strict bed rest. One week later, things were going better. However, about midnight on a Tuesday, I began bleeding severely. My husband took me to the hospital where the doctor met us. I was taken to surgery for an emergency Cesarean Section. My life was saved, but it was too late for the baby. This was an emotionally difficult time in our lives. We had looked forward to our first child, and our arms and hearts felt empty. We wondered if we would ever be blessed to be parents since we had experienced a miscarriage prior to this. We earnestly prayed to find answers as to why. It was hard to see children playing, going to school, and doing those things our child would have been doing if he had lived. All we had was an empty bassinet. Very few days go by that we don’t think of him. Because of these experiences, we applied for adoption. But a miracle occurred and about a year and a half later, I became pregnant. Subsequent pregnancies progressed normally.

Due to our faith in Christ and a loving Father in Heaven, we know that our son lives, as we have felt his presence at certain times in our lives. Life does not stop here on earth, but goes on throughout the eternities. If we live righteously and keep the Lord’s commandments, we will have the blessings of seeing and rearing this child in the future. This experience helped us to want to be good and live righteous lives, so that we could be with him in the eternities. Babies and children who die are already saved in the kingdom of heaven and we fervently want to be there with him as well as with our other children and extended family.

It strengthened our belief that life continues on after this mortal journey, as years later we were talking with a church leader who asked us how many children we had. We replied that we had four, but did not mention that we had lost our first baby. When we got home, we discussed that we both had the distinct impression of, “Hey Mom and Dad, don’t forget me”. From that experience we now tell people that we have four living children and one who was stillborn. This experience has reminded us that life goes on after this earthly experience.

We must have faith and rely on the Lord for help and guidance. Our trials test our faith in Him. It is up to us to be worthy. This is our belief and we don’t grieve or worry about what is going to happen. We have full trust in the Lord and His plan of salvation for all of His children.

The Lord did hear our prayers and blessed us with two daughters and two sons. We now have 13 grandchildren. We know the Lord does bless us according to our faith and His will. Even though we were very sad at that time, we now have peace because of our belief in Christ’s teachings.

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