Call Home

By: Marci M

It’s time to go off to college. You’ve had some delightful growing up years, but there are some things that you can only learn when you’re on your own. Your parents book your ticket, help you pack, buy dorm gear in your favorite colors, and send you off with rib-cracking hugs.

You land in the new place, meet the overly cheery orientation team, unpack that dorm gear in your favorite colors, meet new friends, and dig into your classes. You sometimes think about your life before this, but you’re pretty busy. Your mom and dad occasionally cross your mind, but they’re just a memory now in this new place.

They are hoping for a phone call, an email, a text, a letter, a note. Although they know there’s a lot they could help you with in this new phase of life – being older and wiser and all – they sure don’t want to intrude if you’re not interested in staying in touch.

How long since your Heavenly Parents heard from you? Doesn’t matter what you’ve done, where you are, or even whether you’re sure you believe in Him. Just talk to Him. There are things in your life He can help with. Maybe some situations in your life are too hard for you, but “Is any thing too hard for the Lord?”(Genesis 18:14)

You can drop to your knees if you want; you can clasp your hands; you can fold your arms. Doesn’t matter. He just wants to hear from you. Tell Him about your day, tell Him what’s bothering you. Ask for His help. Thank Him for all He’s done for you – all that cool dorm gear in this life, like wispy clouds on the first warm day of spring, the sticky hug of a child, your favorite food. Yes, He created that food just for you. For you. And He’s ready to pour out blessings on you if you just ask Him.

Don’t wait a minute longer.

Call home.

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