Are Christmas and Spiritual Growth Linked?

By Anonymous

The very essence of Christmas is a reminder of the better spiritual things in life. It is a time of good-doing, self-giving, heart-warming experiences that uplift others as well as ourselves. I once heard a wise man say that “our opportunities to give of ourselves are limitless”. This rings true particularly between the fourth week of November to the 25th of December. During this time there are countless moments to give to others.

We give to others, but ultimately we give to God. We are following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ, whom we celebrate, who gave all He had to give, not just in His final hours but through every moment of His mortal life. From His example we know that when we are serving our fellow beings, we are also serving God. When we give to others we are putting God first and we are told that if we will “[seek] first the kingdom of God… all things shall be added unto [us]”.

I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this. I know it seems like this is off topic but I assure you that it’s not. My purpose is not to rant and rave about giving and I do not mean to say that you need to give more gifts or do more service so that you can grow spiritually. Rather my hope is to show you an undeniable correlation between the Christmas season and spiritual growth. They are inseparable.

If you needed milk today and eggs tomorrow you would buy them both at the same time, right? It only makes sense. Why would you make two trips to the same store? In this season when we are spending time with family and friends and giving to others already, we are simultaneously growing closer to God. One could try to avoid this development inside themselves but they would be fighting against the natural spirit of the season. It wouldn’t make sense to resist in your soul the growth that your very own actions are pushing you toward.

God has so much to share with us and occasions to strengthen our faith are readily available to us at all times. It is our own choice to accept or reject them, and we will be content with our choices, I am sure. However if you are struggling to capture the joy of this season yourself, or if it is someone you know who is resisting to spiritually evolve, I would highly recommend this Christmas season as a time to catch on. The opportunities will continue to show themselves, but you might more easily handle spiritual resistance right now, when the season is bright and the people are merry. Now is the time!

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