Christmas Every Day


What do you get for a person who has everything? I don’t mean everything in the material sense. Because, as we all know, money doesn’t buy happiness. On the other hand, money may not buy happiness, but it does make misery a lot more comfortable.

But how many material things must we posses before we reach happiness? Bliss, Eternal joy. Nirvana. Whatever you want to call it.

In other words, if you were able to posses every single thing there was to posses, would you finally be happy? This question never seems to be answered because we are still out there finding  one more thing to hold on to.

When I was young I couldn’t wait to open the presents on Christmas morning – I would finally have everything I would need for the rest of my life. Well I’ve been living the rest of my life for about 55 years now, and that cap gun and Tonka truck haven’t fulfilled the need.

And just what is the need? Or what are the needs? Do we even have a definition of needs?

My Mom lives in a retirement home and virtually all her needs are met on a daily basis. She gets 3 meals a day, fresh towels for her bathroom, maid service (no laundry though – don’t quite understand that one), chauffer service in the retirement home van, and constant entertainment.

Santa comes by every day during the holiday season – he’s been there over a week now. I asked Mom if she was tired of him or annoyed with him yet, and she said no. Apparently they can have their photo taken with him and he also hands out balloon animals to all the seniors. Nothing says sudden heart attack like an accidental popping balloon in a retirement home.

But you can have all your needs met, and still not have your needs met.

Do you know what I mean?

The thing we need the most is visitors, not necessarily visitors in red suits, or black suits, or men in white coats – just visitors.

It’s amazing how simple it is for some needs to be met.


From A Memoir of Most of It

Used by Permission

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