I Wanted this Job, But God had Other Plans



[Note: This is from a Facebook post by the author.]

by Tony D.

Reading about ____________ Corporation’s woes has me reflecting. Just before I graduated from college, I really wanted to work at their headquarters – specifically in its I.T. rotational program. I thought it was a cool company. I liked that they give back 5% to the local community. I wanted to live in their home state, and I thought working downtown would be fun. I made it through several rounds of interviews, but I was ultimately not offered a job. I was bummed. This was the job I thought I wanted more than any other that I applied for–despite the fact that I knew I probably would not have been a good cultural fit for them… and despite the gut feeling that God had other plans for me. Even if they were now thriving and I had a great career, it still would have been different than what God had planned. I soon thereafter humbled myself and allowed God to lead me. Within a few weeks I was offered the job with my current employer.

I wasn’t thrilled to take my family to Indiana, but it has been such a blessing for us. I enjoy my work and I get to work on some cool projects. I’ve been able to apply almost everything I learned in my core courses in the I.S. program at my college. I’ve been able to make an impact on the organization I’m in. Christina and I were able to buy a comfortable home that would have cost at least 30% more in the other metro (and the salary would have been about the same). After we moved, Christina landed a great job that was tailor made for her mostly-stay-at-home-mom schedule and helps her to utilize her master’s degree in nursing education. The people here are awesome (despite their penchant for beginning sentences with “I seen…”).  I don’t think we’ll be here forever, but God knew exactly what was right for my family at this point in our life together.

We don’t always know what the consequences might have been if we follow our will rather than God’s, but I am so grateful when we do get these glimpses that show us how much better God can do for us than we can even think of doing for ourselves.


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