The Tell-Tale Drip

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As I have previously noted (Why Do the Clocks Go on Ticking?), loud, regular noises get on my nerves.

I am particularly afflicted when I am trying to go to sleep. A dripping shower head, a leaky faucet, it doesn’t matter – if it makes a loud enough sound and produces said sound like a metronome, I’m in for a rough night.

It’s odd though, if there is rain outside my window, accompanied by the dripping sound, I don’t seem to be bothered by it. The sound of ocean waves, or a rushing stream doesn’t bother me either. I used to live by the ocean, and when I was in High School our family owned a mountain cabin about 50 feet  from a creek – I found both those ambient sounds very soothing.

Is it because the faucet and the shower drips originated from an incompetent plumber? Sometimes things just wear out, it may have not been the plumber’s fault. I don’t like creaky staircases either, and that is the builder’s fault.

Rattling fans aren’t pleasant either. Noisy swamp coolers. Ticking clocks. Ringing cell phones in public. Jackhammers. Typewriters (see the 1960s). The smoker’s cough (from cigarettes – manufactured).  I could go on and on with these man-made devices.

Does this mean I’m having trouble with the modern, industrial, mechanized world? Am I just a Luddite in the closet with a squeaky door? Do I need to live my life unfettered in nature?

Nah …

Buzzing flies are part of nature and they get on my nerves. I’ve had birds swoop down on me when I’ve invaded their territory. A moose was once ready to attack me when I snapped its photo, and a bison in Yellowstone gave me the evil eye, like it was about to charge, when I took its photo. Well, at least I didn’t try and take a selfie with it. Maybe animals don’t like constant clicking noises either.

I guess I’m stuck here in the civilized world with all its drips and rattles. Now if I could just afford a plumber.

From A Memoir of Most of It

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