Do We Listen When God Answers Our Prayers?

By Mical C.

I thought I had found the perfect job. I was about to complete my medical training and had been searching for a group to join in an area where my wife and children could be happy. I went on the first interview and found the partners in the group to be sincere, dedicated professionals. They enjoyed both the clinical aspects of their jobs as well as the opportunity to teach doctors in training. The community was fairly close to my parents and my wife’s parents. The environment was beautiful with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. I could see myself and my family enjoying life there.

I was invited for a second interview. This time I brought my wife. She met with some of the doctors’ wives, while I had a chance to meet with the rest of the partners as well as other members of the local medical community. I was offered the position. The responsibilities I would be given, compensation, vacation time, and all other details sounded perfect.

Our visit was capped by a party at the home of the chief of the division. I could feel a wonderful sense of camaraderie among these doctors. I listened to their stories of how their children were faring in the local schools. It was clear that these good men and women were dedicated to their families and their community. I felt very welcomed and was sure that I would accept the offer. That night my wife and I stayed in a lovely inn and discussed how excited we were about the prospects this community and position had to offer.

Throughout my life I have always relied on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Prayer has been an opportunity to communicate with Heavenly Father and share my thoughts and feelings. On many occasions I have felt a sweet feeling confirming decisions that I have made or the directions in life I have chosen. I have always felt that it is my responsibility to first study any decision out in my own mind before petitioning the Lord. I need to carefully consider the pros and cons and the impact of my actions on all parties who may be affected. I believe that God will provide guidance to me, after I have done everything I can to figure it out for myself first. For the most part the answers I have received to prayers have motivated me to continue my present course. They have helped me weather trials and difficulties because I have felt the confirming influence of the Holy Spirit that my course is the correct one.

As my wife and were driving home from the second interview, we decided to pray together about the decision to accept the position. I expected a warm, peaceful feeling to confirm the decision I had already made. That is not what happened. Suddenly my motivation for wanting to accept the job completely disappeared. I could no longer focus on the positives of the job and the area. I could no longer picture myself in that location. It just felt wrong.

I was shocked at how dramatically and immediately my prayer had been answered. My wife felt exactly the same way. I called the chief the next day to turn down the position. I have never looked back. It has been ten years since then, and I am thrilled with my current position, community, and family. I do not know why my perfect job was not a good fit for me, but I do know that God loves me, listens to me, and answers my prayers. I trust that he wants what is best for me, and I recognize that my best efforts will not always identify the best course of action for me and my family. That is why I need to trust in a loving God.

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