Does Prayer Make Life Easier?

By Julia G

Here we go again! I wake up, look around my room and everything’s packed up in boxes. I guess we’re ready to move. The big truck opens the back door for us to fill that empty space. I’m used to by though, I’m 21 years old and I’ve moved about 14 times. And although I don’t consider myself as a numbers person, what they imply practically defines who I am. I’m a traveler, a learner of cultures—and a 20-year-old still coping with change.

It’s the same every single time: we get to our new home, gotta clean and unpack our lives back to normal. Before we know it, it’s time to go to the new school. Then comes the nervousness, the sweaty hands, and the stomach ache before getting into that new class in which everybody knows everybody—except you. It’s being the new kid on the block, the new kid on the block that speaks with an accent. And even though I do love the adrenaline that comes from starting out fresh, it still scares me to death every single time.

For most of my life I have had an anchor, a handful of people that has been and is always there for me, my family. I was sort of used to moving from city to city, from state to state, and even from country to country. However, every time we did I knew it would be all right, for with them I could do anything. The hard one was moving again, for perhaps the 11th time, but without them.

Bye mom, bye dad, and off to college to an unknown land. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew I would need some sort of aid to start all over again on my own.

Having been raised as a Christian I knew that there was a God, and that He would be there for me if I needed Him. But this time was different. My parents weren’t there to tell me how to rely on this other father that I had, a Heavenly Father. Meanwhile, school, work and new friendships were taking most of my time and that anchor, that foundation that allowed me to do everything wasn’t there anymore.

One day, as I was Skyping with my mom, and after having described my situation to her, she quoted one of Jesus Christ’s followers when he boldly stated: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). I immediately asked, “But how? How do I do that?” And she uttered a two-word response that wasn’t new to my brain, but it felt different to my heart: “Just pray.” It was easy to say, but to learn how to do it was another story. We ended our call, and I decided I would give it a try. As I knelt down and started pouring out my heart to God out loud, the concept of deity was no longer something distant and too deep for me to understand. The anchor, the foundation of my life, no matter how profound the change or how great the distance, had moved into a higher plane of trust through something as simple as prayer. When work, and school and friends piled up just like the boxes in that truck I knew, and I now know, that there is something simple, yet powerful that I can do: pray.

I’ve heard it say that “no man is taller than when he is on his knees” and after having to deal with change not just one more time but big time, I am completely assured that this saying is true. As I have made it a meaningful habit to talk to God, my Heavenly Father, I have been able to “do all things” because I trust in him. Furthermore, I have been able to discover in sweet, tender ways that He talks back to me, too.

I have moved about 14 times, and I’m so used to it that I won’t be surprised to move 14 times more. However, when the time comes and completely new things appear in my path, I now know who to go to and especially, how to do so. I will forever be the new kid on the block who speaks with an accent, but from now on, I will be the new kid on the block who speaks with God.

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