Why Do I Care?

By Amelia B

As the orphans of parents who both died of AIDS in Mozambique, my brothers and I lived a fairly directionless life, especially my brother Rogerio who lived a reckless life of partying.  One day he met some missionaries and decided to listen to what they had to say.  As he began to live the teachings of Jesus Christ, he began to feel a change coming over him.  He changed from a sullen and hopeless teenager to a vivacious and happy individual.  It made him so happy that he wanted to share this joy with everyone around him, including me, his sister.

Rogerio chose to share the good news with others by serving as a missionary; however, after only four months serious illness forced him to return home.  Within less than a year, he too had been claimed by AIDS.  Just before he died, he shared one last bit of wisdom with his best friend: “The gospel didn’t find me soon enough!”  If he had only found it a little earlier in his life, he explained to his friend, then he would still be with his family and would not be in his current condition.

When his friend recounted these words to me, this single sentence struck me deeply.  I realized that this truth did not only apply to my brother, but to everyone.  My heart aches when I see broken families; it aches when I see children suffering because their parents made poor choices. I want more than anything to finish what my brother didn’t finish, and help people find the gospel before it is too late.  I never want to hear anyone say, “The gospel didn’t find me soon enough.”

Even though I am only 21 years old, I have been blessed to accomplish many significant things: In 2009 and 2010, my younger brother, Luis, and I spoke on the United Nations floor on behalf of our country, Mozambique.  I was also featured in two documentaries shown to UN diplomats: The Best Interest of the Child (2008) and Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda (2013). I know I could be doing many other things in the world, but I know that my elder brother, who introduced me to my Savior Jesus Christ, is pleased with what I am doing right now.  But I don’t really want other people to go through the things I did, or to suffer the things I did.  I want to help everyone know that family is important; I grew up without a family and was blessed to have a family when I was older so I know the difference.  I want everyone to be happy now by living the gospel of Jesus Christ because He is the source of all truth. He is our savior and redeemer. He is our all. I know that all He wants for us is to follow Him and we will be happy. Is that too much He asks of us?

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