Is Christ’s church on the earth today?

When Christ was on the earth, he organized a church with priesthood authority and priesthood offices. Jesus said: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you.” (John 15:16). After Christ’s resurrection and ascension into heaven, the Church continued to function, and church leaders acted with Christ’s authority to do things like determine Church policy, preach the Gospel, administer the ordinances and care for the poor. It was literally Christ’s church.

After some time, all the Apostles were killed and Christ’s authority was lost from the earth. People had the Bible, but there was no one who could speak for Christ with the same authority as the ancient apostles, and the world slipped into the dark ages.

Then, in the spring of 1820, God again opened the heavens. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to the boy-prophet Joseph Smith. Shortly thereafter, a burst of heavenly visitations brought back the ancient church. For example, Peter James and John appeared to Joseph Smith and restored Melchizedek priesthood and the apostleship. Other angles brought ancient scripture and the authority to seal families together forever. As one might expect, Christ’s ancient and modern Church will be very similar to each other. For example, the ancient Church had 12 apostles and the restored Church has 12 apostles.. The ancient Church baptized with authority and so does the restored Church. The ancient Church preached the gospel and so does the restored Church. The ancient Church administered to the sick and so does the restored Church. The ancient Church was organized to care for the poor and needy and so is the restored Church. This literally is the Church of Jesus Christ restored in these latter days.

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13 thoughts on “Is Christ’s church on the earth today?

  1. Mike says:

    There is only true Church, the Roman Catholic Church. I invite all of you to go to EWTN, and view their material. May I recommend Call to Communion, Or the Journey Home. Also, is full of information on the complete history of the Church. Some individuals of note Dr. David Anders, Dr Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Steven Ray, Markus Grodi ,Dr. Peter Kreft, all of these men are converts from anti-Catholic Protestantism May God bless you in your search for the one and only truth.

  2. Howard Ross says:

    #1 Jesus established His church and it has never left the earth. In fact, He said even the gates of hell would not prevail against it. # 2 The Bible is translated correctly so we can believe it (and therefore judge all other “spiritual” writings against it.

  3. Geovani says:

    James 1:5 invites all men to ask of God for that wisdom (or knowledge) they may feel they lack and promises that we will receive according to our faith. As a result of my sincere prayer to God I have felt the spirit testify to my heart that this message is true!! This answer from a loving God has blessed my life.

  4. Regina Mary Boutin says:

    Jesus’ church is the Catholic Church. Simply because the Apostles “died off” doesn’t mean the Church did.

  5. Munyambabazi Precious says:

    Jesus Christ’s Restoration Church on earth is indeed a blessing to humankind and may his will and authority be upon Present Day God’s Apostles to administer his Gospel as it was when He was sent by Almighty God to save us from our sins.

  6. David Niehaus says:

    Christ’s church has never left this earth for God said I will never leave you alone or abandon you. GOD’S promise to us who believe that Jesus Christ came into this world God in human flesh to teach us how to love one another even into death in our flesh. Praise God, Father Son and Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen

    1. Anonymous says:

      Believe is seeing

      1. Anonymous says:

        with faith u can believe an not see just like doubting thomas

    2. Anonymous says:

      David, I can see your point. And I agree with you to some degree. True, that God would never abandon His people. But we see throughout history in the Bible that time after time, God called prophets to speak for Him. The people eventually stopped listening to the prophets, and many of God’s chosen prophets were even killed. The same thing happened to Christ’s apostles. People stopped listening to them, and they were killed. I would suggest that it is not God who abandoned man, but the opposite: man abandoned God and His organized Church, and therefore the divine authority to direct His Church was taken from the earth for a time, until the people were ready yet again for Him to choose another prophet.

      1. Ukulelemike says:

        Except there is no New Testament biblical precedent, nor does your statement that men stopped listening to the Apostles and thus they were killed, have any biblical merit. True, they were killed, but not because people stopped listening to them, they were killed because such was the price for being an apostle. The Apostles, the twelve Apostles of the Lamb, (and that is all there will ever be), had a time and a job-their job was to start the new churches, to teach them God’s word, to ordain elders, who would then ordain elders, and so on. The divine authority is, and always has been Jesus Christ and His word, to direct His churches, with elders/pastors/bishops to lead them in His name, and that order has never changed. Jesus’ body, (for such it is) will continue on until the Lord Jesus comes to remove those who are left, and not before.

        1. Thad says:

          “The Apostles, the twelve Apostles of the Lamb, (and that is all there will ever be).”

          What about Matthias, the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot? Clearly the other apostles thought the ones who died were supposed to be replaced to keep the number at twelve. Paul also refers to himself as an apostle in his writings. Christ passed the keys of the kingdom to His apostles and it seems pretty clear that He intended them to continue as the governing body on the earth for His church (under His direction, of course).

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