Keeping a Marriage Strong

Keeping a marriage strong

These three episodes from Real Families Real Answers (TM) help us with normal and difficult problems  in marriage.  As before, you will meet families in each of these half-hour programs who are ordinary, yet diverse, who live in widely separated parts of the country, and who have learned to cope successfully as they make their way through the joys and the trials inherent in marriage and family.

The first two episodes focus on the ordinary problems that couples deal with, while the third looks at the trials that come with particularly difficult problems.

Keeping a Marriage Strong – Part 1

This episode shows how the characteristics of Love and Time are illustrated in the lives of couples in Davis, Illinois and Baltimore, Maryland.


Keeping a Marriage Strong – Part 2

This episode looks at faith and religious values and how they sustained the Chase family and the Frandsens as they went through a 15 month overseas military deployment (for the Chases), and the stress of graduate school (for the Frandsens).


Family Crucibles

In this episode we see two more couples, who learned to deal with severe difficulties from losing a child after years of suffering, or from caring for an autistic son and a daughter with an unknown genetic disorder.  Though the circumstances are decidedly challenging, the hope they receive through their perseverance and religious faith is inspiring.


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