Strengthening Families


These three episodes from Real Families Real Answers (TM) from BYUtv give sound and interesting counsel on the everyday job of strengthening your family.  In each of these half-hour programs you will meet families, ranging in their geographical location from Alaska to Chicago to Texas and elsewhere, having different religious faiths, but each with admirable and enjoyable stories of developing happy and successful families.

The first two episodes highlight the characteristics of successful families, which form the basis for each of these two episodes.

Strengthening Families – Part 1

This episode shows how the characteristics of Commitment, Love, Time, and Encouragement are illustrated in the lives of families in Round Rock, Texas, San Marcos, California, and Chicago.


Strengthening Families – Part 2

This episode shows how the characteristics of Communication, Adaptability, Faith, Connection, and Responsibility are illustrated in the lives of the same families we met in episode 1.


Protecting Family Time

This episode emphasizes the need for families to spend significant time together, and to protect that time from the intrusions of the outside world.  The Chapmans of Sitka, Alaska have a family produced local TV show, and the Cahans, from Auburn, Washington, take long family vacations and play “smack-talk” badminton.

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