Does God Know Each and Every One of Us?

By Tyler C.

My best friend was my cousin Sarah when we were little children. We would do anything we could together in the short time we were able to spend, being that I lived in Washington and she lived in Utah. We loved running around the yard and making up whatever games we could think of. We giggled together and did what we wanted, not caring anything else about the world.

One evening, my dad received a distressed phone call from my aunt. They had been on a trip heading back from California. It was really late and my uncle was very tired. He began to fall asleep and drove off the road, causing a major car crash. There were many serious injuries and one fatality–my cousin and best friend Sarah. Being only six years old at the time, I didn’t totally comprehend the situation. I asked my parents questions about what was going on, but their answers were short and sweet and did little to help me understand the situation. As the months went on, I realized what truly had happened and that I wasn’t going to see my cousin again.  However, it didn’t have a true effect on me for a couple of years after that.

I ran into a point of my life where I was very down-hearted and no confidence in myself or others. I’d been making some very poor decisions and my faith in God was next to zero. I had questions like whether there was a God, and if there was, did He really care about me? I fell asleep one night and had a dream. It didn’t feel like a normal dream; it was more like it was actually happening. In this dream, I was in a white room. It was glorious like nothing I had ever seen. I sat, basking in this wonderful room, when somebody walked in through a door I hadn’t seen. The person looked familiar, but I couldn’t make out the face. As the person got closer, I realized that it was my cousin Sarah, but she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was a young woman. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and began to cry. My heart was so full of something that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It was full of so much joy and happiness. Then I woke up.

Being a stubborn teenager, I wouldn’t have normally thought too much about this dream being that I had had many weird dreams like that lately. But that warm feeling I felt in this particular dream stayed with me and I continued thinking about that dream for months. I couldn’t deny what I had seen and felt. Even if it was only in a dream, I couldn’t have made up the feelings that I felt for the following days. I realized that my cousin was ok. Most importantly, I learned that God lived and that He personally loved me and cared for me by giving me exactly what I needed in the moment I needed it. I wanted to understand what had happened with my cousin and why. He helped me understand that through my dream. He had been guiding me through this experience and helped me learn the true importance of the things that are dear to me.

I now know that God lives and I know that I feel his love every time I feel that same warm feeling I felt in my dream. He has brought me happiness through this experience and countless other experiences as I have tried my best to trust Him and His guidance and care.

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