What Is True Happiness?

By Kody B.

At the beginning of my sophomore year of high school I was at the stage in my life where all I wanted to do was to be seen, be cool, and be popular.  All I cared about is what people thought of me, how they reacted when I was around, and what people said about me. I was living what I thought was the “high life.” I had everything I wanted: friends, a great social life, and good grades.

But was I really happy?  By my senior year I had some doubts.   I began to realize that this kind of attention wasn’t really bringing me the satisfying pleasure I was seeking.  At times I was finding myself in situations that only brought misery and grief. I definitely was not happy!  It was during that last year of high school that I realized I needed to find true happiness.

My search came to a head during one special moment in my senior year.  My supposed perfect life capsized!  I was with my best friend. We were riding our four wheelers up the mountain when we stopped to take a break. I knew this friend always had my back. No matter what I did, no matter what I said, he would always love me for who I was. I started the conversation by expressing my gratitude for what a good friend he was. His response was unexpected. He reacted very humbly and told me that the real friend in our lives was really Jesus Christ. That comment took me for a spin! My buddy was the one I always looked up too, and it was him who I wanted to be. I asked him to explain further. He took out his phone and pulled up a scripture. He asked me to read it aloud. “But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God.”

For a second, I was still confused. But soon after I understood what he was trying to say. He proceeded to tell me that all the material things in the world wouldn’t give me the happiness I was searching for, but true happiness was found only in Christ.  My friend invited me to come to church with him. There were days where we would even read the Bible together. Those next few months I tried to change my outlook on life. I was no longer looking for the “riches of the world,”but I was on the journey for the one thing I lacked in life: coming to Christ. I was painting a new image of everything around me – including myself. I saw that all my unhappiness and selfishness was being washed away. And little-by-little, I was finding the fulfillment that I never had in those early years of my high school. I know now, that true happiness is found in Jesus Christ.

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