What does God See in Me?

By Colton F.

“Why can’t I please my dad”?  Growing up, I often had this thought crossing through my mind over and over.  I’ve tried so hard and yet I never seemed to be what my father wanted me to be.  This continuous conflict affected my relationship with him.  I constantly fought and argued with my dad; sometimes those arguments were pretty heated.  Words spoken were harsh; some disagreements resulted in chairs and walls needing repairs.  One day after a particular loud argument, I screamed at him, “I’m sorry I can’t be the perfect son that you want!  You hate me and I hate you”!  I stormed away very angry, believing I had won the argument.  Slamming my bedroom door after entering my room, I felt a false sense of satisfaction, hoping to have ended the argument once and for all.

Twenty minutes later, there was a soft knock on my door. My dad spoke in a calm and gentle tone, “Son, I know that I sometimes push you a little too hard. But I just want what is best for you. I see so much potential in you and I just want to see you become the best you can be. I love you son.” For a long time after he left, I sat on my bed pondering about what my father had said. The words had pierced me to the core; I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said to me.

Growing up in a very religious family, I had often been taught that God is my Heavenly Father who knows me completely and loves and cares deeply about me.  Knowing this, I thought about when my dad said. “…I see so much potential in you.” Then this powerful thought hit me: “What does God see in me”?  Does He look past my failings and see my potential?  My father, not realizing what he had just done, had just taught me a very valuable lesson. If my dad saw that much potential in me, what does God see in me?

At that very moment I felt an unbelievable amount of love and respect for my dad. He has watched me grow up and he has always felt that nothing was out of my reach.  He too knows me and what I am capable of doing.  And so when I don’t reach for something that I am capable of doing, he gets “slightly” frustrated (and I underestimate slightly). I can only imagine what my Heavenly Father feels when He sees me doing good things and then I slip up and do something bad. He must feel frustration and sadness just like my earthly father.

My Heavenly Father knows that I have almost infinite potential and I love Him for that.  He sees that in me; He sees it in everyone. He is a calm and loving God who is always willing to help us recover from our slip-ups.  I know my dad and I, who are not perfect, can talk and reason together.  We can all do that as we unburdened  ourselves in prayer.  If we listen and pay attention to the guidance we receive from those who love us, we can improve and  make right choices.  Certainly, thanks to a loving Father in Heaven, we can all try our best.

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